ITHAX experts are ready to discuss your telecommunication needs with you and propose the optimum approach to any requirement.

Since ITHAX may function over fixed, mobile and satellite telecommunication channels, the top consultancy level more than covers the needs of even the most demanding environment.

Our experts span a career of over 25 years in the telecommunications sector and our group’s customer list has included over the time some of the largest Shipping companies worldwide, as well as, other prestigious clients, such as the Hellenic Navy, the United Nations and others.

The development of ITHAX began back in 1998, when cheap telecommunication towards land-mobile and maritime satellite networks became a necessity for our customers, that were mainly from the shipping industry. The system has evolved over the years to what is a modern integrated telecommunications solution.

We have been consulting, designing, selling systems and telecommunications services to the Hellenic Navy, the United Nations and other security-sensitive and high-caliber organizations since 1998.

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