ITHAX Calling Card (ICC)

Pre-paid calling card platform 

Those with no access to PDAs and internet, may call a local number over a normal phone. ITHAX server responds and prompts them to dial the destination number of their liking.

ITHAX Calling Card (ICC)

ITHAX Rechargeable Calling Card

How ITHAX Calling Cards Work

An ITHAX Calling Card customer calls an access number which is directed to the ITHAX Calling Card Server. The customer is then prompted for some identification. ITHAX Calling Card Server supports both identification by PIN or on the basis of the caller ID, otherwise known as Pinless Dialling. Unless otherwise requested all ICCs (ITHAX Calling Cards) work with a PIN by default.

ITHAX Calling Card Service

ITHAX Calling Card Service

The balance is read out, and the calling card customer is presented with secondary dial-tone, or prompted to dial the number they require followed by the pound key (#).

Depending on the destination that the customer will dial, the remaining talk time will be announced, based on the current available balance of the ICC.

ICCs work globally by dialling 9999 over any ITHAX phone or by dialling a local number per country (please contact us for the local number of your country).

ICCs may also operate the same way over satellite* connections, like in the maritime industry can be used as Crew Calling Cards. They can be used onboard and ashore in the same manner, bearing the same charges per destination.

*Over satellite, bandwidth charges may apply

  • Calling card service is still one of the best ways to allow low cost calls from mobile and fixed line phones, even without the need for internet connectivity.
  • All ITHAX Calling Cards are rechargeable up to any amount, but fixed value cards that you can throw away after using them, may be ordered.
  • ITHAX Calling Cards never expire. As long as the card has remaining credit, it can be used anytime, no matter how much time has passed.
  • International calls cost lower than even local calls over fixed and mobile local operators.
  • Agent and re-seller options are available.
  • Custom pricing for large volume destinations.